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Editio Software


Editio Software ® is a company founded in Catalonia to offer integral services of software with the web as a work interface, and is formed by professionals, most of them, from the media sector.


> Team


Our production staff is formed by systems analysts, web developers and interfaces designers.

The team is complemented with external advice experts on different subjects, who work searching and teaching in the university field.

The effort we do to integrate these different sections let us work with an interdisciplinary and open pattern that is always adapted to the constant changes of the new information technologies.


> Vision and Mission



Internet has become a fundamental referent to communicate and work. Currently, a modern organization is in need to update its information in an efficient and detailed way, so it has to have some tools that simplify the most of this work.


Providing the organizations with the standard and necessary tools to make easier their access to the new information technologies, and base them on their use so that their adaptation can be fast and more productive.


> Production and Methodology


Our activity consists of the planning and development of advanced communication systems with standard technology and the web as a work environment.

We improve and update our software constantly through the analysis of our users experience and the knowledge of our technological situation, which changes quickly.

We do our best to develop software of high benefits combined with very technical advanced websites in order to supply the requirements of a large range of users.

The quality control of the software has no limit time. That’s why it’s only released when its perfect working order has been checked. The market products are delivered with a complete handbook, FAQ, online help, knowledge base and if necessary with a specific training programme.




The work interfaces of our products have been designed taking into account the final user. They combine a easy use with a nice graphic in soft colours to avoid visual tiredness.


Complete quality


Our software works independently of the final web design, that is to say, the design is showed in our customer’s webpage and any change in the design will never affect the good working of programs and stored data.

However, the software forces you to make a web design that applies the international standards of web documents, which guarantees the final quality of the whole product: software + web.




The community formed by final users, developers and advisers shares its experiences and knowledge’s.

This communication creates a process of continued improvement, which makes the software be in constant evolution and let the users have new updated versions very often.

Competitive advantages of Editio Software

A great number of aspects differentiates products from Editio Software: saving of costs, stability, customized support, scalability ...

Standards we use

Our software is 100% standard in its internal format and the web output.

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