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Competitive Advantages of Editio Software


Personalized service: there is some specialized support for product version and users profile.

Stability: the software can be updated and the added knowledge is translated into the launching of new and more functional versions.

Saving: the product price is lower than its true value because the cost price doesn’t have an effect on a single user.

Complete quality: the software only works if all the related elements such as the web design follow the conditions of quality standards.

Reliability: the products work in intensive production, and the lack of technical faults makes them reliable.

Scalability: the software can easily add independently tailored units if the costumer has specific needs.

Multiplatform: the software works on all operating systems and with most of the databases on the market.

Compatibility: the standard data structure is ready to share data with other products that include standards, although they belong to another manufacturer.



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