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Standards we use


XHTML: A strictly method of creating websites that are compatible with all the Web browsers on the market. It guarantees that the webpages don’t have invisible mistakes that force the designer to be strict with the page development.

XSLT: A language for dealing with XML format, the basis for sharing documents on the internet and UMTS nets.

WAI: Accessibility rules for handicapped people which will be compulsory for certain public web administrators from 2005.

NITF: XML data structure to publish and share current information in the media. It’s used by the most important news agencies and newspapers in the world.

RSS: XML data structure to syndicate news. It makes easy the add-in information of media through automatic processes.

DOCBOOK: Standard format, based on XML, from OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards) for technical documentation of all kinds. There are countless DocBook-based articles, books, reference manuals, and other materials on the Internet, including the Linux Documentation Project.

DOM: Document Object Model is a platform- and language-neutral interface, that provides a standard model of how the objects in an XML object are put together, and a standard interface for accessing and manipulating these objects and their inter-relationships.



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