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Advanced communication systems


Editio Software product range has been created to satisfy professional publication needs of a large range of users: publishing companies, communication departments and organizations that need seamless publishing on the web without technical skills.

At Editio Software, programmes are designed knowing that there are several user profiles and different levels of technical knowledge within an organization, so computer specialists' functions, designers' functions and editors' functions are clearly separated in order to be able to have a team-work dealing with the product.

Working interfaces are multilingual, and they can be easily translated into any language in any character set. They are now being translated into Catalan, Spanish and English.

The whole software is standard and it has several versions and it is developed following strict quality control rules so that good quality products with a very competitive cost, necessary technical support and training programmes can be offered.

> Digital media solutions

editio software digital media solutions

Comprehensive digital media solutions for publishers. Strategic design, development and launching. 

High quality products with present-day technology. Improves the expectations of readers and corroborates the editorial needs. 

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> Editio Interdum

editio interdum


For developers. Interdum is a complete editorial system designed exclusively for digital press, featuring professional editing of electronic newspapers.

It's useful for entirely digital publications, as well as for porting to web format paper based newspapers.
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> Editio Invicem

editio invicem

Professional Newsletter allowing you to publish your bulletin directly into your customers' mailbox

Invicem is a Newsletter applet that covers all publishing needs that an organization may have.

With an interface which is easy to use, it includes some characteristics which make it be the best tool when it is time to enable massive communications by e-mail.

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  Digital media solutions
  Editio Interdum
  Editio Invicem
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