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Editio Interdum

  Latin. Interdum: "Now and then "  

Interdum is a complete editorial system designed exclusively for digital media, featuring professional editing of electronic newspapers.

Essentially, it is a complete software designed for publication of newspaper and magazines in web, wap .format. It is also useful for paper publications which need to publish their content on internet/intranet, and for fully digital publications as well.

It is designed for publishing houses, public administration, associations and any entity that may need to edit periodical publications: newspapers, magazines, bulletins, etc.

Licence for an unlimited number of users in a domain and the installation in 48 hours are included in the price of the software.




How does it work?

  Interdum is a fast and efficient working system. It is adapted to the speed required in the digital media world. Is a developer tool.

An exhaustive study about the habits of digital media writers has made possible to design an interface for the needs of a more competitive electronic press. A deep knowledge of web technology has led us to an easily and fully personalized product for a webmaster without programming Knowledge.


Applications and examples

  • Digital newspapers
  • Web TV
  • Mobile editions
  • Magazines
  • Non-periodical publications
  • Internal bulletins
  • Any printed publication which needs to be easily transferred to a web format



- PHP  1.1.x version. It is ideal for small and medium publishing houses, local newspapers, magazines for specific or minority readerships, pymes, etc: 1,575 euros, license for 5 simultaneous users. More users: to consult. Owned licence.

J2EE version. Large audience e-newspapers and magazines, with large team of writers and needs of high-performance in critical conditions: on demand solution (to consult). Owned licence.

- Subscription (cloud computing). Hosted solution: 22 Euro/Mo. for user.


What does owned licence include?

  • Indefinite use for a domain
  • Unlimited number of registered users
  • Remote installation in 48 hours in the destination server
  • Handbooks, online help and access to product knowledge base
  • Interface, handbooks and help in English, Spanish and Catalan


  • User training for writers/supervisors/administrators in your own workplace
  • Online technical and user system support
  • Monitored hosting on Editio Software servers, optimized for hosting advanced communication systems (subscription)
  • Technical training for web designers in XML technology
Technical and functional features
Why is Editio Interdum the correct tool for your writing team?

> Easy


Web working environment is independent from the computer used by each writer. It enables you to edit and publish news safely from any computer connected to the internet.


> Standard


It works natively in RSS and NITF, XML international standards for news. All contents generated by Editio Interdum are easily exportable without risk of losing information and without the need for complicated data translator-programmes.

Similarly, it is very easy to import information from news agencies or any standard press article according to IPTC formats.

For example, connecting Editio Interdum to any modern document management system will mean savings compared to other news publication systems since it won't be necessary to translate information and there won't be any hidden costs.


> Powerful and flexible


User management mechanism of Editio Interdum enables the programme to be adapted to any organizational configuration of your company, via a hierarchical access system: news writers, system administrators, publication directors, final editors, section chives. photographers, newsletter publishers etc.


> Adaptable


If its organization expands or diversifies, Editio Interdum can be easily reconfigured by Editorial system administrators, so that you can face new challenges without using Editio Software.


> Evolutions


Editio Interdum incorporates new improvements and functionality in each version. The improvements come from the experienced contact with our final users, our usability studies and our periodical surveys made in writing studios of some academical institutions.

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