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Editio Invicem

  Latin. Invicem (in vicem): "By turns, one after the other"  
  Publish your bulletin directly into your customers' mailbox  

Editio Invicem is an easily configurable powerful and reliable professional newsletter distribution system, with system user and subscribers management.

Invicem is designed for marketing departments, news agencies, any kind of on/offline communication media, press offices, internet portals and, in general, any organization which may need to communicate information by mass emailing.

Licence for an unlimited number of users in a domain and the installation in 48 hours are included in the price of the software.




How does it work?


User interface of Editio Invicem allows you to have an easy and simultaneous edition of several newsletters. People in charge to its edition write it and the system sends it automatically to any subscribers who want it.

For instance, if your company has pressure groups to spread information periodically (bulletins, circulars, etc) you may easily create receiver groups and transmit them the written information selectively. You will also be able to enclose a file with the message, which means that the system covers all possible needs.



  • Distribution of complete bulletins in e-mail format.
  • Daily transmition of headlines, prices, etc.
  • Sending of urgent information and alerts .
  • Distribution of press releases and any other kind of corporate information.



- PHP 1.1 version. Ideal for marketing departments, news agencies, any kind of on/offline communication media, press offices, internet portals, and, in general, any organization which need massive communications by e-mail: 300 euros, license for 5 simultaneous users. More users: to consult.

- J2EE version . Large communication media, internet portals with a large number of users, advertising agencies that have part of their strategy based on e-mail marketing, public relations companies with a lot of clients, etc: on demand solutions (to consult).


What does licence include?

  • Indefinite use for a domain
  • Unlimited number of registered users
  • Remote installation in 48 hours in the destination server
  • Handbooks, online help and access to product knowledge base
  • Interface, handbooks and help in English, Spanish and Catalan


  • User training for writers/ supervisors/ administrators in your own workplace
  • Online technical and user system support
  • Monitored hosting on Editio Software servers, optimized for hosting advanced communication systems
  • Technical training for web designers in XML technology
Technical and functional features
Newsletter edition Subscribers management  
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