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Editio Software's consulting service is designed for medium and large companies that need to improve their websites or be reorganized due to the need to be adapted to new information technologies.

No matter if you are an editor, a marketing director, a director of a publication or a contact network manager. Editio Software will propose the best work solution for an increased performance at a lower cost of your company departments that are involved in the corporate communication strategy.


> Dynamic websites


Your company may have a web page which functions perfectly for the manner in which it was designed, but it needs a modification to new needs: publication of all kind of corporate information, conversion from the page into means of interaction with providers and clients, etc.

By keeping the graphic design of your website, Editio Software can turn it quickly into an excellent communication tool for multiple directions and topics. So, the website will be a communication platform and the point of reference to publish the successive events which a company or other entity may want to announce publicly.


> Organizational support


There is no doubt about the impact of new information technologies in the business world. The effort many companies make on this field has usually positive results, although this affectivity can't always be measured immediately, it can only be measured after the changes have been introduced for a long time.

On the other hand, although it's obvious that it must be a transformation of the business production methods due to the progress of the IT technology, the client can not always analyze "how to do it".

Editio Software professionals, specialists in advanced communication systems and with a lot of experience in the use of networks, can help you to improve your marketing department's productivity, your journalist teams, your publication staff, etc by analyzing their situation and the planning of stable production processes that will make it easy for your company.


> Communication strategies


Social communication agencies (news agencies, marketing consultants, public relations companies, etc) have now a technology that enables them to teach anywhere almost immediately. However, although they have this technology, sometimes they haven't the right tools to use it correctly.

If you are the person in charge of an organization that works in the communication field for your business group or others, tell us your purposes or needs and we will help you to optimize the use of IT technology by means of software tools that save time and money.


> Paper media versus digital media


The undoubted need to publish on the web has forced traditional editing houses into a frenetic race to assure their presence on the Internet. On one hand, free digital media have been seen as a threat for paper, but also necessary for its presence in an emerging market. On the other hand, the acknowledge about digital market, in many cases has led to a strange adaptation to Internet, too experimental, that has meant to abandon digital projects that had been successful at first.

Going back and forward, which is obvious in a public space like Internet, has been disappointing and has meant the lost of leadership of consolidate media against independent projects that come directly from Internet, of economical maintenance and perfectly adapted to work technologies and publication on the web.

Regardless the current situation of your field, Editio Software can analyze you and can help you to fit properly in the digital market. Past doesn't matter anymore, since fortunately digital field isn't completely defined yet.

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