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Web design and development


Design service of Editio Software is different from what is usually offered in web design studios. The websites that we design are adapted to your functional and user needs and also to the legal requirements which are gradually being established on the web.


> High-quality web pages


The main purpose of a corporate web page is to be able to be used by the maximum number of users. Regardless of their knowledge and the computer they use. Consequently, at Editio Software we take care with every detail of the websites we design for our clients, since web pages are not just an advertisement for their business, they are also a representation of their company and a means of communication with their clients.

Websites designed by Editio Software are always designed following very strict usability rules, and clearly orientated for the end user who will visit the website:

  • Graphic design for special-needs people.
  • Simple menu and link structures.
  • Common look and feel in all Internet browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Safari, etc.
  • Standard XSLT/XML web code structure.

> Adaptation of websites to standard software products


Products traded by Editio Software work perfectly on standard web pages, that means the ones which haven't been designed only for an specific particular browser.

In many cases, our clients have technical staff that manage and update their corporate website, although they contract the integrated solutions offered by Editio Software for software implementations, since concentrating all of the responsibility on a single partner leads to significant savings for both parties.

Editio Software solves, if that's what our client wants, implementation phases of a software product in his internet server:

  • Software installation and database creation.
  • Creation of web pages to interact with the software, maintaining the graphic design of the clients' current website.
  • Functional testing and final correction of possible errors.

> Website compatibility with current technical standards


The web is developing much faster than any other media. Consequently, any organization that depends partially on its website to be published, to publish news or to do business must be always adapted to continuous technical updates.

Although these updates aren't immediate, it is advisable to check the code of the pages of a website periodically to ensure its complete compatibility. This isn't very expensive if it's done frequently, it is a free service offered by Editio Software for our clients hosted on our servers.


> Adaptation to updates in the current legislation


The interpretation of the law with regard to data protection for websites with public contents, specially communication companies or electronic commerce systems, is usually tedious. Editio Software advises you and solves the adaptation of your website to legislative changes easily to avoid unpleasant surprises for our clients.

So, by analyzing your social activity and the type of data you store or publish on your server, we advise you how to deal with data and we write the legal documents you have to provide on your website for you, according to the country and the area where your server is installed.

  High-quality web pages
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  Compatibility with current technical standards
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