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Training programmes


Although our software products are delivered with complete documentation and online help, it's possible that we need to teach their use and administration to users groups.

So, we offer training programmes about technical matters and the use of software. Any initiative of specific training means another investment in the software because the users have learnt to know, configure and work with the programs "in situ".


> Training for Editio Software products


The training for editio software products complement the interesting online documentation and enable the users to learn to work efficiently.

In this case, Editio Software provides training programmes suitable for the needs of different user profiles. The training programme usually takes place in the same work centre if they are on demand.


> Training for XML web designers


The progressive introduction of web standards of final interface and XML data format need increasingly more specific knowledge from the webmasters: Atom, XML, XSLT, XSL,RSS, NITF, NEWSML, WAI, 508s, etc.

It's certain that on WWW there is a lot of technical information about these standards, but sometimes its interpretation is boring for people who haven't got a good technical training: graphic designers, web developers, etc.

Editio Software provides specific training if it's on demand, so that web professionals can set up these standards in their designs and advanced software products. It is designed for web developers, web designers of advertising agencies, webmasters in charge of medium or big websites, etc.

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